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Board of Governors Terms of Office


Cranmore Integrated Primary School was established in 1993 as a grant maintained integrated school .

As a grant-aided integrated primary school, Cranmore has a board of governors which collectively owns the school and is the employing authority for all members of staff. Its membership is made up of the principal, trust foundation governors, elected parent and teacher representatives and members nominated by the Department of Education, and it works through regular meetings of the board as a whole and, when required, committees set up to deal with particular matters.

The principal, who is responsible for the day-to-day operational leadership and management of the school, reports to the board of governors on a regular basis and the board assures itself through these reports that all its statutory duties and obligations are fully carried out and that it is fully informed about all developments.

The school is funded directly by the Department of Education and the board of governors is therefore responsible for ensuring that its finances are both properly managed and fully accounted for and that all capital and other developments are affordable.

  The Board of Governors consists of 16 elected or nominated members and the Principal.


The 16 members are drawn from the following constituencies:

6 Foundation Governor nominees (4 Trust non-parent, 2 Trust parent)

4 Department of Education appointees

4 Parent Governors

2 Teacher Governors




Mrs Helen Hamilton (Chair)

Trust Foundation Governor

Anna Lo

Trust Foundation Governor

Jonna Monaghan

Trust Foundation Governor (Parent)

Sean O’Neill

DENI Governor

Andrew Hassard

DENI Governor

Leonard Totton

Parent Governor

Patrick Toal

Parent Governor

Michael Mervyn

Parent Governor

Grainne Dobbin

Teacher Governor

Carol Millar

Teacher Governor

William Doherty (Secretary)




  • Cranmore Integrated Primary and Nursery School,
  • 47 Finaghy Road North, Belfast, BT10 0JB
  • Telephone : 028 9066 4410
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