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Extended Schools

  What is an Extended School ?
‘An Extended School provides a range of services and activities, sometimes during or
beyond the school day, to help meet the needs of children, their families and the wider community.’ (Extended Schools, DENI 2007)
The activities involved aim to achieve one of the 5 higher level outcomes:
· Being Healthy     
· Enjoying, Learning and Achieving
· Living in Safety and with Stability
· Experiencing Economic and Environmental Well-Being
· Contributing Positively to Community and Society
The activities offered will support and motivate our pupils to achieve their full potential.

What do we have to offer this year?

This year, we will continue with the programmes that you told us you enjoyed last year, and we will be adding a few new ones.


Programmes Continued from Last Year

  • Breakfast Club
  • Waiting Club P1-P3
  • Lexia Reading Support Programme
  • Mathletics Numeracy Support Programme
  • Parentmail
  • Transport for After School Activities P4-P7
  • Homework Club


Our additional means of communicating with parents through email and text.


Time 4 Me Information 
Time 4 Me is a Barnardo's support service working in schools. It supports children, families and schools when life gets tough. Time 4 Me will be in our school every week this year. Our Time 4 Me counsellor June will work every Tuesday. 


Time 4 Me helps with the things children face growing up which can affect their learning. We support children and their families coping with: 


  • Bereavement

  • Changes in the family (divorce, illness, conflict) 

  • Friendship problems 

  • Bullying 

  • Worries about school work or moving to 'big school' 


If you feel your child would benefit from counselling speak to Mr Doherty or Miss Dobbin. June would be happy to chat about the service and how it can help.

Homework Club

The Homework Club will continue to run this year for pupils in P4-P7. The club will run from 2:45pm-3:30pm. The pupils will have the opportunity to use resources available in school to complete their homework, supervised by Mrs Evans and Miss Crossey.


Lexia Reading and Mathletics

We continue to support our pupils literacy and numeracy skills with the use of excellent online software. The pupils will have access to Lexia, a reading software, and Mathletics, a numeracy software to help improve their knowledge and application skills. The software is an interactive and fun way for pupils to learn.


Transport for After School Activities

Transport has been provided to facilitate attendance at After School Activities.


Some new additions for this year:



We are very excited about our Extended Schools Cluster Project.  We will be working with two local schools on a special project, 'Exploring Our Traditions'. The project will include the use of art and music to explore the cultures, traditions and beliefs within the two largest communities within Northern Ireland. We are very excited to be working together to learn and understand more about one another's backgrounds.


After-School Sporting Activities

An after school Dodge ball club will run on Thursdays 1:45pm-2:45pm for younger pupils and 2:45pm-3:45pm for older pupils. The sessions will be facilitated by Galaxy Coaching, supported by Cranmore staff. Come along and get some exercise whilst having great fun with your friends. The cost of the sessions will be subsidised through Extended Schools so will be offered at a reduced cost.




Extended Schools Brochure 2015/2016

  • Cranmore Integrated Primary School,
  • 47 Finaghy Road North, Belfast, BT10 0JB
  • Telephone : 028 9066 4410
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