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After School Clubs

At Cranmore we have a strong commitment to providing a wide range of exciting and enjoyable after school clubs.  As part of our Health Promotion strategy we offer a range of sports clubs throughout the year.  These include Soccer, Table Tennis and Dodgeball.  Clubs meet on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and are open for children from Primary Four upwards.


As an Integrated School we pride ourselves on the celebration of diversity.  Our clubs fully reflect evolving Northern Ireland.  Last year the children participated in a dance club which was reflective of all traditions. The children especially enjoyed the Irish and Indian dancing.  During our multi sports clubs the children receive high quality coaching in Soccer and Dodgeball.

Extended Schools Funding has enabled children to benefit from a range of new clubs.  Galaxy Coaching will be providing athletics  to encourage children to have fun at the same time as exercising.  The cost of these clubs will be supplemented through Extended Schools funding.


This term our clubs include 

  • Bling Club
  • Spanish 
  • Soccer Club
  • Magic Maths
  • Athletics
  • Dodgeball Club
Learning about Healthy Foods
Bling club
Making a photo frame
Pencil case designing
Maths on the computers
Eco fun
Football training
Go Cranmore IPS!
Problem solving with issac 9
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