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Celebrating Cultural Diversity

This week pupils in Cranmore IPS have been celebrating Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Week.


Cranmore IPS is a planned integrated school where diversity is celebrated and inclusion is promoted formally and informally every day. 


The Principal, Mr Doherty recognises, ‘This is a very important week in our school calendar and it provides us with an opportunity to renew our commitment to an ethos which is fully integrated and built on tolerance and respect’.


Throughout the week pupils and staff have participated in a wide range of activities which have been engaging, colourful and at times a little bit noisy.


The week began with a workshop celebrating the culture of the Chinese community.  Pupils were taught some Mandarin and looked at why Chinese communities have emigrated across the world.  They also explored the rich and colourful Chinese traditions and the meaning behind these.


Pupils were able to listen to the beat of a lambeg drum and the stirring tune of the bagpipes. The Ulster Scots Agency provided living history lessons with historical characters from Ireland’s past.


Diversity in sport and games was also acknowledged and shared in sessions on Highland Dancing, soccer and Gaelic football.


In all it was a very positive week allowing children to learn, explore and share together.  The skills of co-operation and teamwork were to the fore which these young people can continue to build on and extend both in their time in Cranmore and in years to come.

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