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Cranmore Integrated Nursery Unit follows the curricular guidance for Pre-School education as set out by ‘The Department of Education for Northern Ireland’. The guidance outlines the range of learning opportunities that Nursery children should have through play. The curriculum is broad and balanced, and builds on the children’s previous learning experiences. The curriculum for Pre-School education is set out under six discrete headings;

  • The Arts

  • Language Development

  • Early Mathematical Experiences

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Physical Development and Movement

  • The World Around Us


“Play that is well planned and pleasurable helps children to think, to increase their understanding and to improve their language competence. It allows children to be creative, to explore and to investigate materials, to experiment and to draw and test their conclusions”


The Rumbold Report, HMSO 1990

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Nursery Home Learning

Good morning parents and pupils, we find ourselves in very unfamiliar circumstances today and it will take us all time to adjust. We are here to support you as best we can. We understand that everyone's circumstances and approaches are different. We will be making suggestions on a daily basis of what learning your child could do but please note these are only suggestions. We will encourage your child to share some of what they are doing so we can celebrate their efforts and be there to answer any questions they may have. We know that many parents will be working from home or have more than one child to support so we are attempting to make learning for older children as independent as possible. Most importantly, take care of yourselves and each other.


Wednesday 13th May

Hope you are all well.


Literacy based ideas: The first is based on the story of the Gruffalo and your job is to try and label all of the Gruffalos features. You all see to know the book so well that I think you will be brilliant at this.


I know before the we had to home school you had all be loving our phonics song in nursery so I have added the link. I would love to see some videos of you singing some of the songs. There is also a Jolly Phonics app which is brilliant but it does have a small charge.


Maths bases ideas: See if you can practice copying over the numbers 1-10 and see which ones you recognise.


Physical development ideas: To to get you moving can you think about the characters in the Gruffalo. How would they all move? Can you slither like a snake? Fly like an owl? Creep like a fox?


I hope you all have a great day.


 Thanks, Mrs Houston

September 2019


Our Topic Is:

All about me and settling in!


This month we will be learning about our family, different parts of the body and different feelings and emotions.

October 2019


Our Topic Is:

Forests, woodland and Autumn!


This month we will be learning about the changes between day and night, the leaves falling off the trees and the changes in the weather.


The colours of the month are brown, yellow, orange and green.



November 2019


Our Topic Is:

People who help us!


This month we will be discussing different job roles such as police officers, fire-fighters and doctors.  We will also be learning about how we keep ourselves safe.


The fire engine came to visit!


December 2019


Our Topic Is:

Winter and Christmas!


This month we will be learning all about Christmas.  We will be making some Christmas crafts and practicing for our Nativity.



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