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Rights Respecting Schools

We are very happy that we have already achieved our Level One Rights Respecting School Award. We are currently working towards achieving the Level 2 Award. 'A rights-respecting school is a community where children’s rights are learned, taught, practised, respected, protected and promoted. Young people and the school community learn about children’s rights by  putting them into practice every day.' (Unicef Rights Respecting School Award. )

Each of our classes have been very busy learning about their rights. The children in each class  are now  aware of their rights and have looked at how some children around the world are not so fortunate to be able to have some of their rights met. Each class made a display of the rights that were important to them. They are proudly displayed in our hall. Here are some pictures of their fabulous work!

Each of our classes drew up their own Class Charter. We talked about our rights and how we would respect these rights in the classroom.

Primary 1 CLass Charter
Primary 2 Class Charter
Primary 3 Class Charter


Primary 4 Class Charter


Primary 5 Class Charter 


Primary 6 Class Charter


Primary 7 Class Charter

We celebrated Anti-Bullying Week in school. We know that everyone has the right to be happy in school, have friends and not be treated differently because of who they are. Everyone has the right to come to school without the fear of being bullied. We have a zero tolerance policy to bullying.(articles 13,15,19,29,30) Click on the links below to see some of our work from Anti-Bullying Week.