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Parent and Child Support

We are keen to develop strong home-school links with parents and have been encouraged by attendance and involvement during a range of pupil/parent workshops. Parents and teachers working in support of each other is an important part of the Cranmore ethos. So far this year we have had a range of events to strengthen these. These have included:


  • Phonics and Reading Workshop
  • Christmas Craft Afternoon
  • Time to Share Afternoon
  • Creative Cookery Session
  • Funky Monkeys Play Session

Special thanks to Mrs Weir, Miss Costello and Mrs Madden for organisng the first play session at Funky Monkeys. The children have been talking about it nonstop ever since!

Our Creative Cookery Session took place on Monday 20 January 2014. There were two cookery sessions. The first was for Playgroup parents and this took place at the end of the session. The children made and enjoyed their own lunch. The second session was for P1-P7 pupils and was held in the playgroup from 1:45pm- 2:45pm. We were delighted to see 53 children participate!!

Parental support enabled us to give the children a range of fun yet worthwhile learning experiences. We have been encouraging our playgroup parents to actively involve themselves in the life of the school. These events have been a great opportunity to meet with other parents and staff in a relaxed, informal setting

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