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Welcome to the P5 home learning hub!

First of all a massive THANK YOU for being responsible learners and following the instructions to click onto this page!

Although we will miss being together in school, I will post weekly activities for you to complete from your home learning pack.


Try your best to get up at a reasonable time each morning and get dressed! It's a  lot more difficult to be productive in your PJ's! :)


"The best preparation for tomorrow, is doing your best today"




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P5 Timetable

P5 Timetable  1

Monday 18th May

- 10 minute English

- Spellings (week 22- complete according to instructions on sheet in pack)

- Complete worksheet 22.1 + 2 from homework book.


- 10 minute Maths

- Mental Maths - focus this week on x12 tables.

- Mathletics- continue with assigned activities

- Numeracy Booklet 2 page 21. Co-ordinates.

- When writing co ordinates we always write the number along the bottom first (the x axis) followed by the number along the side (y axis) in brackets.

- For example (2, 5).  

- Complete the sheet attached. If you are unable to print just have the page open on your screen and fill in the answers in your green book.


Reading - Continue with a few pages of Georges marvellous medicine each day.  Keep up with your own reading on epic/own books also.


Topic- Water. This week we are going to try another experiment. Hopefully you were able to pick up some sandwich bags and blue food colouring over the weekend (If not try using an old blue felt tip to colour the water). The experiment is all about the water cycle.

The experiment is outlined in the sheet attached. Hopefully the sun will be shining this afternoon!

Read through the instructions. Before you begin I want you to make a prediction. What do you think will happen? (The picture at the bottom of the experiment page might give you some clues if your not sure!).

Write your prediction down and save this for tomorrow.



Tuesday 19th May

-10 minute English

- Daily spelling test.

- Literacy Booklet pages 41 and 42- using prepositions. Draw a route on the map and then write the sentences to match. (I know we haven't done pages 39/40 but we will do them later in the week).


- 10 minute Maths

- Mental Maths- continue with x12.

- Mathletics- continue with assigned activities.

- Numeracy Booklet 2 page 22.  Using position and direction.

- The word translate here means to move each point of the shape 2 squares to the right and 3 squares up. I would draw the points of the corners first before using a ruler to connect them.

- Sea creature co ordinates sheet attached.


Reading- next few pages of Georges Marvellous Medicine chapter 3 and continue with your book on epic or whatever you're reading.


Topic work. Today we will write up our experiment. See the sheet attached. You can use this or write out the headings in your green book.

- Equipment - Sandwich bag, permanent markers, tape, water, blue food colouring, window.

- Prediction- what did you think would happen?

- Method- what did you do? ( use short bullet points)

- Results - what actually happened?

- Conclusion- did your prediction match the results? Did anything surprise you? Would you do anything differently the next time?





Wednesday 20th May

- 10 minute English

- Daily spelling test

- Literacy- Page 43. Using prepositions.

- Complete both attached sheets using prepositions in your green workbook.  


- 10 minute Numeracy

- Mental Maths. Focus on x12.

- Numeracy booklet 2 page 23. Write the original co ordinates and the translations.

Reading - Continue with the next few pages of our class novel and with your own reading at home/ on epic.

Art - Below are links to a few art hub videos related to our water theme. Pick the one or more that you like the best and have a go!


Sea Turtle




Numeracy Booklet 2- page 23 compulsory task.

Must be completed by all students.

Save to 'Numeracy Assessment'.



Thursday 21st May

- 10 minute English

- Daily spelling test. Complete any worksheets associated with week 21  that you haven't yet done so.

- Literacy Booklet pages 39 and 40. Comprehension.    


- 10 minute Maths

- Mental Maths - weekly focus on x12 tables.

- Log on to Mathletics. Continue to complete assigned activities.  

- Numeracy Booklet 2. Page 24. Mystery Picture.


- Reading. Please log onto Epic and select a book from those that I have assigned to you.

- PE - get outside! Your daily walk/ run or cycle/ PE with Joe on YouTube.


Literacy Booklet pages 39 and 40. Comprehension.

- Compulsory task must be completed by all students

- Save to Literacy Assessment












Friday 22nd May

- 10 minute English

- Weekly spelling test- Please save this to 'Friday Spelling Tests'

- This Friday we're going to do an extra literacy task. It's another comprehension on pages 44 and 45. Just save this one to your normal literacy folder.

- Number of the day is 160. See picture below and use this number in the different ways on the sheet. You can copy and complete this in your green book.

- 10 minute Maths weekly test

- Log on to Mathletics and complete assigned tasks.

-  Friday tidy...home edition! Time to tidy your room/ help with the dishes/ whatever needs doing!

- PE time! Again whatever you enjoy doing to stay active- playing outside/ daily walk or cycle.

- RE. Watch this story from the Bible of how Jesus feeds the 5000. Copy and complete the worksheet attached in your green work book.

Factors for the First Time

Defines factors so learners of all ages can understand. Easy, rigorous multiplication method to list all factors of a given number. Uses paired factors, outs...



Useful links: your reading - good for spelling activities - good for explaining maths topics - movement breaks/ PE






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