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The Cranmore Way

The Cranmore Way is not an isolated project, rather it is a way of life for our school community. Anti-bullying support is not an add-on it is an integral part of school life steming directly from our integrated ethos. In line with our vision we aim to develop in our pupils a pride in their own self-worth, multual respect and the recognition of the value of each individual within the school community.


Our anti-bullying approach aims to develop resilience in our students by providing them with the tools they require to problem solve and resolve conflict. In line with this we have put in place a range of preventive strategies including awareness raising through Anti Bullying Week, Cyper-Bullying, Internet Safety Day, anti bullying posters, worry boxes, buddy systems including Playground Pals, support for newcomer pupils and their families and P7 lunch time monitors who help the Foundation Stage pupils.


All the children participate in the Paths Plus Programme which helps them understand their own feelings and emotions as well as those of others. It gives pupils the scaffold to solve problems with the support of staff and peers in a range of ways. Each child is given the opportunity to be 'Pupil of the Day' regardless of their performance or behaviour. All the community celebrate through giving compliments, positions of responsiblity and celebrating individuality.


Responsive strategies include the identification of vulnerable children and the putting in place of appropriate plans of support including Friendship Group, Sensory Room Time, student conselling and wrap around support. The identification is a collective responsibility and all staff are included in training.



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