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The Real Truth Behind Integration

 Parental demand for integrated education has been growing steadily over the last two decades. In the transforming Northern Irish society many parents are opting to have their children educated together in an integrated context, in an effort to heal many of the sectarian divisions that have caused so much trauma in Northern Irish society.
In recent years it has become fashionable for other schools to market themselves as ‘integrated’. In doing so these schools hope to attract additional pupils based on claims they are ‘a naturally integrated school’. Integration is not about ‘mixed’ schools nor is it about children from different backgrounds sitting in the same classroom. Integrated education is about a much deeper commitment to providing our young people with a child-centred education in the context of a school where everyone is driven by the values of the promotion of equality and good community relations.
The battle to establish integrated primary schools such as Cranmore has been a long and arduous fight. In Cranmore you can have confidence that your child and our truly integrated ethos is at the heart of every decision which is made by the school.
As an integrated all-ability primary school we aim to provide a happy, secure environment in which children can learn effectively to realise their full potential as unique individuals. This aim permeates the ethos of the school, the teaching styles and approaches, the pastoral care arrangements and the positive behaviour policy of Cranmore. As children have different abilities, aptitudes and needs, their performances will vary from their peers and every opportunity will be given for children to experience individual success.
Regular acknowledgement and praise for all pupils regardless of gender, colour or creed will enable them to develop intellectually, socially, morally and spiritually and have a sense of inclusion within the overall school community. We strive to ensure that all pupils are equally cherished, nurtured and respected, without discrimination based on sex, religion, ethnic origin, class or ability.
Our school aims to provide an opportunity for children from the two main traditions in Northern Ireland as well as those from other traditions and cultures to develop a knowledge, understanding, appreciation and respect for their common culture. We also aim to encourage all pupils to explore and value their own particular tradition so as to encourage the education together of children of various beliefs, cultures and traditions.

In Cranmore we believe that it is important to promote and protect the rights of parents to be involved in the decision-making and community life of the school, while respecting the role of staff as professionals. Children, teachers and parents form an essential triangle by working together in an open, positive and constructive partnership that provides the best learning environment for our children.
I hope that our prospectus, website and a visit to our school will provide you with information about our busy and successful school and also give you an insight into the reason we as staff and pupils are extremely proud of the Cranmore way.

Mr W Doherty
  • Cranmore Integrated Primary and Nursery School,
  • 47 Finaghy Road North, Belfast, BT10 0JB
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